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License Plates and Mounts
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License Plates and Mounts

Top to bottom: R71 rear license plate and light,
3 front license plates, rear license plate. All plates come in white, with no lettering.

Hand lettering and stamping available upon request. You supply the number, we do the lettering and stamping. Generally there should be 5-6 numbers in a WH, WL, or SS plate. The process takes a good three days to complete due to time needed between coats of paint for drying, as well as Mike's time availability. He does not rush them as he wants you to be satisfied.
Lettering charge on one of my plates is $15 per side.
If you have a plate already and want to send them to me to paint then it's $20 per side.
If you have plate that's bare metal, or needs to be stripped and completely repainted then it's $25 per side.

Front Plate ($45), shown with Keyhole Mount. Two-piece set of Keyhole Mounts (left)
 and four-piece set of Triangular Mounts (right). $15 each set.

Rear Plate $175 (with light, shown. Extra plates available without bracket and light. Light and bracket is a complete unit, and is not available without plate.)

Plate alone $32