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Kübelwagen and Schwimmwagen Parts
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Kübelwagen and Schwimmwagen Parts

Page updated: 10th FEB 2010

Note: Limited availability due to fewer (and slow-to-deliver) vendors. Please contact us at least 6 months in advance for specific needs.

Rear Notek mounting bracket  $18
Notek rear light, marching mode  $160
Notek rear light, stop/taillight mode  $160
Dashboard, early $170
Dashboard, late  $135
Spritzkanne  $98
Door handles $60 each
Left and right door latches  $65
Lighting Rotary Switch  $80
l. to r.:
MG 34/42 Dual Ammo Holder  $85, Schwimmwagen Shovel Holder  $25, Kübelwagen Shovel Holder  $40
Shovel Clamp $39 with Lower Piece  $54
Pick Clamp and Holder  $42
Paddle Clamp (bottom right) for Schwimmwagen $25
Rifle Clamp Support for Crossbar  $25
Rifle Clamps  $55 each, set of 4 with Support (pictured left) $245
K98 Butt Holders  $48 each
Signal Paddle Holder  $40
Bracket for Rear Light  $45
Rear Light $58 each
Notek Front Light  $ask
Pre- and Post-war Notek lights available
Check the 'Hardware' Page for new items
Rear Towing Hook  $52 each (requires 2)
Front Towing Hook  $52 each
VW Data Plate  $70
MG Vertical Support ($42) with MG Swivel ($150)
Trunk Hold-open  $30
Mirror Attachment (top) ($35), Mirror with Arm (bottom) ($60)
Dual Barrel Holder (top center) ($16),
Single Barrel Holder (below) ($14)
Heated Windshield--Original, 2 available ($140 & $180, depends on condition)
Metal Tool Box  $490
Metal Tool Box with Wooden Insert Removed
Oil Can $20 (shown on top of Metal Tool Box)
Five-fuse holder  $38, four-position switch $34, Kaco accessory light $80
MG Mount for rear, with three strengthening plates  $170
Working jack  $250
Swinging Reflector  $75
Battery box, open  $140
Battery Box, closed  $140