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Electrical, Exhaust Systems, Mechanical and Body Modifications
Parts and Accessories
Electrical, Exhaust Systems, Mechanical and Body Modifications
Note: Also go to the CJ and BMW Parts page, if you don't find the part you are looking for here.
If you have a Ural or Dnepr, please note, some of these parts will not fit, as there may be slight variation in size/measurement.

Air Filter $75
Solid State Regulator and Rectifier under Tank $185 complete with instructions, brackets and splices
Carburetor Heat Guards $45/pr with intake gaskets
Complete R75 Exhaust System $650
Foot Boards $140/pr
Cylinder Guards ($90) and Leg Shields ($120)
Spray can (Spritzkanne; top) fits inside R75 Leg Shields, limited availibility $58
BMW Gas Cap (bottom) $80 (when available)
R71 Gas Tank with Tool Box, fits CJ750 $450 (Emblems and Knee Pads Sold separately; tank has prethreaded inserts to attach these items)
6 Volt Bosch Battery
Available in 8 amp hour ($75) and
16 amp hour ($89) sizes; now available in
gel-cell. $95
R75 Gas Tank with Tool Box, fits CJ750 $220
Tool Box shown open

Art Deco Front Fender $400
Art Deco Rear Fender $450
Art Deco Fenders shown in civilian colors
Single-drain hole seat $140
R12 seat $140
Triple-drain hole seat (l., $140), Pagusa seat (r., $95)
Small Drilastic seat (left) $70
Handlebar Control Switch without Manual Headlight Switch $140
Handlebar Control Switch with Manual Headlight Switch $155
Larger Capacity Oil Sump $120 with sump gasket, but no drain plug
Larger Capacity Oil Sump, other side
Magura Handlebar Grips $38/pr
Amal Hand Grips $38/pr
R75 Reproduction Graetzin Carburetors $60 each l or r
Graetzin Carburetor Float Bowl Tops $28 each
Bing Brass Floats $32 each
Spark Plug Caps $12 each
And of course the Paint to complete your body work:
Panzer Gray $14/can (usually in stock)
Wehrmacht Beige, Luftwaffe Gray-Blue or Afrikakorps Beige $19/can (not always in stock; we may need 2-weeks turnaround time from our supplier, so please order ahead)
Please enquire for availability or to order large quantities in gallon (non-aerosol) containers. Shipping limitations exist on these products.