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Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
The following pictures of our friends' Chang Jiangs reflect the range of outfitting that can be done to the CJ, with modifications to tanks and exhaust systems (Berg), to correcting the bike to blueprint specifications (Gantzler), adding deco fenders for a slightly different look (Arnold), and a standard R71 replica (Barry).  New on the scene are Chris Kane's and John M's bikes, both excellent conversions

Kent Berg's R66 Replica with the incorrect exhaust, hand shifter and leg guards for this model

George Gantzler's R71 Replica, this is what everone should aim for
George's R71 stands as one of the best R71 replicas fitted out with the military look. Again there has been great attention to detail, that has allowed the bike to truly look like a BMW R71.

Mark Arnold's R71 Replica
Mark decided to go for a slightly different look with the deco fenders. This recalls the concept that the military often recquistioned civilian bikes, so he's gone for an R71/R12 mix.

Rick Barry's R71 Replica, basically as it came out of the factory but painted gray.
Rick's bike serves as a good representation of a standard R71 replica.
Chris Kanes bike below
This is the best R66 replica out with an interesting old gas can holder
John M's bike, an R71 replica, approaching George Ganzlers bike as one of the best R71 conversions