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Chang Jiangs For Sale
Chang Jiangs For Sale
Page updated: 30th SEPTEMBER 2008.

Please scroll down, as this page contains much information regarding the CJs and ordering one from us. This page contains more information about these bikes than our catalogue, which focuses on parts and accessories.

Chang Jiang 750 (BMW R71 or BMW R66 Replica, from China)
A fine example of a CJ that has been outfitted to resemble a military BMW R71.

Ask us for current availability of Used CJs.

Here are beginning prices for new, assembled bikes, which can be delivered in black. Prices do not include delivery charges.:
Complete Bike Chang Jiang M1 or M1M……$6500
Complete CJ M1 Super ……………….$6800
  for CJs above add Choice of Paint (Panzer Gray, Wehrmacht Beige, Luftwaffe Blue, or Afrika Korps Beige) for  $100
                            add Lowered Fender $100
                            add Sidecar Brake  $200
CJ Solo M1M or M1…………………….$5500
CJ Solo M1 Super………………………$5800
Sidecar complete……………………..$1800
M1 Super Engine complete……….....$1500
For CJ's in kit form, subtract $200 from price of motorcycle.
As stated above those are beginning prices, so if you wish to change the look of the CJ to resemble an R71, we can do it. A fully outfitted bike to resemble the R71 in full military regalia (tags, mounts, paint, decals, bags, license plates, etc.) will run around $7000 and up.
The look of your bike is totally up to you! You tell us what you want and we put it on. That way, each bike is unique! We do give advice as to the accuracy of accessories for a specific look.
Please contact us regarding any other special orders, for example, a paint color other than those above.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chang Jiangs and Ordering One from Us:
What is the difference between a CJ 750 M1, M1M, and M1 Super? The M1 and M1M are replicas of the BMW R71. The M1 most closely resembles the BMW R71 and has a 24hp engine. The M1M has a small distributor on the side of  the 24 hp engine, which the original did not have. The M1 Super has a different engine: the 32 hp Overhead Valve engine (OHV); it is a replica of the BMW R66 from the same period. The M1 is 6 volts, while the M1M and M1 Super are each 12 volts.

Can I drive my CJ on the highway? The CJ 750s that we sell, and those that are being sold in the US, are unique bikes. Their engines are not meant for heavy highway driving, nor for speeds in excess of 55mph. Thus the CJ proves to be an adequate means of transportation for short runs, say, running errands. It is also ideal for off-roading and that is why many buyers intend to use it for reenacting.

Would greater horsepower improve the speed and performance of the CJ? If you are looking for more hp, then the M1 Super is better for you. Still, don't expect to go much faster than 65mph.

Is the sidecar wheel on the CJ separately driven? No, it is not, but neither did the original BMW have this feature.

What is the sidecar brake? Do I need one? The sidecar brake is best if you often carry loads in the sidecar.

Can I register my CJ? Do you supply a title? At this time, we do not supply a title. There is a title company where you can obtain a title and we gladly provide you with this information. Please keep in mind also that rules for registering vehicles vary from state to state.

How long does it take to put a CJ together? Do I need any special knowledge? It generally takes Mike 15-20 hours to put a CJ together. Mike has years of motorcycle and aviation engineering experience, and has put a good number of these bikes together, so he applies his expertise to each bike he assembles. If you have such knowledge, budget about the same time for your project. Keep in mind, Chinese QA is not like American, so there can be minor glitches. Mike has parts on hand when assembling, so he can trade out "bad" items.

Does your kit bike differ from CJs sold by others or from those sold directly from China? The CJs we sell have been slightly modified by our supplier to resemble the BMW R71 even more. Thus they will differ from other CJs available from the various suppliers in China. Mike is in constant contact with our supplier to give quality control feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Do I have to get the sidecar? Can I get just the solo (motorcycle)? Can I order just the sidecar? We offer both the CJ with and without the sidecar for sale, so you can order exactly what you need.

Do you provide a warranty or guarantee on your CJs and other complete motorcycles? Generally all bikes are sold as is, just like any private vehicle purchase. However, we will provide parts warranties on CJs on a case-by-case basis.

and most importantly...

How do I order a CJ from you? What do I need to do? How long will it take? What is the process? How do you ship? Once you have decided to order, this is what you need to do:
    1) Decide on the model: CJ 750 M1, M1M, or M1 Super.
    2) The basic color is black. If you wish a special paint color, specify at time of ordering. Specify at time of ordering any body modifications or special requests. You may wish to give a preliminary list of any accessories, if you are going for a military conversion.
    3) This is our ordering process: We do not keep any bikes in stock, so we have to order from our Chinese supplier. We order in batches of three bikes, as they come on pallets in a container. Once we place the order with our supplier, which may take 1-3 months for us to get an order of three bikes together, we then have to wait for the shipment of the container on a ship from China--the container may contain other pallets from other vendors with other items, including textiles and food. Shipping from China can take anywhere from 4-8 months, depending on these factors:
              a) volume of containers leaving the port, from which Walmart also ships--who is bigger Walmart or us??--so which containers go out sooner?? You got it, the big W;
              b) speed of inspection of containers leaving China--because of newer trade laws regarding textile exports from China, all containers get inspected at port--thus the time the containers sit at port has now increased;
              c) once the ship leaves, it takes a good 12 weeks just to get to New York harbor;
              d) ok, now the ship came in, we get notified. Then we wait for the container to get inspected; quarantines of containers may occur--happened to us last year because there were food items on another pallet--so this can add a good 4 weeks! Once the container and pallets get inspected and receive an ok, we have to arrange to pay for the customs fees through our broker--this is generally around 3 days. Then we get all the paperwork and get to pick up the pallets. The next step is for our inspection of the contents of each pallet, so that takes another three days to get each pallet, inspect, inventory and store the contents (one pallet per day). Once Mike has all the pallets, he then begins building the bikes, one at a time to the customer's specs. It takes about 15-20 hours. Mike, however, does not do this full time--he has a full time job working on a rotating shift (Days, Afternoons, Midnights) with rotating days off, sometimes our own vehicles need urgent repair, his child wants to see daddy, he needs to visit his mother in Europe--so he works on the bikes whenever he can. So 20 hours devoted to your bike can be spread over a month or two, sometimes three. We are not OCC in size or manpower! The finished product from Mike is worth the wait.
       4) We will notify you when Mike receives shipment and when he is beginning your bike. At this point, we will verify with you the accessories and the full order and confirm the price.
       5) Payment is made when we are ready to ship the bike to you. We use either Allied Van Lines or Roadway. Shipping rates are based on distance, weight, and any added fuel surcharges. In 2008, we shipped a bike with sidecar to the Columbus, Ohio area, and it cost around $800. We prefer payment by cashier's check. We do not finance.
       6) Our policy on deposits: we do not accept deposits. Due to the nature of the shipping process, with delays possible, sometimes buyers find they need to cancel an order, due to time or financial or personal circumstances. Thus it is easier for us not to have to refund the deposit. It also means, sometimes your order gets moved up slightly, depending on the bike the person ordered.