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If you wish to place an order, create a list of the items you need, and then you may:
     ---E-mail us by following this link: contact us
     ---Fax us at (516) 942-5711. (This is the fastest way.)
     ---Phone us at (516) 942-5710, M-F 3pm-8pm Eastern Standard Time (see more info on Contact Us page).
If you wish to pay by credit card at the time of ordering, please supply us with your credit card number, type, name as it appears on the card, expiration date, your billing address from that card (where you get the bill mailed to you), and phone numbers where you can be reached. The card must be a credit card, not a debit card. At this time, we only accept VISA and MasterCard. See "Payment Information" on the Home page.
Shipping is calculated by the weight of the items ordered and distance from our location in Hicksville, NY, USA. Paint can only be shipped UPS, and thus to non-PO Box addresses only; some other constraints apply to shipping paint. Shipping of bikes, sidecars, and large items are handled through several trucking companies, and also is determined by weight, distance and whether or not the address is a business (with or without a loading dock) or a residence.