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Frequently Asked Questions
Chang Jiangs (see also the Chang Jiangs for Sale page):

Can I drive my CJ on the highway? The CJ 750s that we sell, and those that are being sold in the US, are unique bikes. Their engines are not meant for heavy highway driving, nor for speeds in excess of 55mph. Thus the CJ proves to be an adequate means of transportation for short runs, say, running errands. It is also ideal for off-roading and that is why many buyers intend to use it for reenacting.

Can I register my CJ? Do you supply a title? We sell you the bike in kit form. Thus we do not supply a title. There is a title company where you can obtain a title, and from which many recent CJ buyers have obtained their titles. Please keep in mind also that rules for registering vehicles vary from state to state.

How long does it take to put a CJ together? Do I need any special knowledge? It generally takes Mike 15-20 hours to put a CJ together. Mike has years of motorcycle and aviation engineering experience, and has put a good number of these bikes together, so he applies his expertise to each bike he assembles.

Does your kit bike differ from CJs sold by others or from those sold directly from China? The CJs we sell have been slightly modified by our supplier to resemble the BMW R71 even more. Thus they will differ from other CJs available from the various suppliers in China. Mike is in constant contact with our supplier to give quality control feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Do I have to get the sidecar? Can I get just the solo (motorcycle)? Can I order just the sidecar? We offer both the CJ and the sidecar for sale, so you can order exactly what you need.

Will your CJ parts fit my Ural or Dnepr? In some cases yes, but usually only the early models of the Russian bikes. There may be variations of several millimeters, which will either require modification of the part you order or this means you need the Russian part. Mike will try his best to answer specific parts questions for these bikes. However, we are not as familiar with the Russian bikes as we are with the CJs or the original German bikes.

Do you provide a warranty or guarantee on your CJs and other complete motorcycles? Generally all bikes are sold as is, just like any private vehicle purchase. However, we will provide parts warranties on CJs on a case-by-case basis.

General Questions:

What is the quality of your accessories? I've seen the same for less. What is the difference? In procuring parts and accessories, we are constantly looking for the best quality. For example, our leather bags are thicker than those sold elsewhere. Not only do we look for quality, but for authenticity. Furthermore, we sometimes find new suppliers who have better products, so sometimes our pricing may increase slightly to reflect this shift.

Do you ship outside the US? We regularly ship parts and accessories across the world. Our customers live not only in US and Canada, but in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Can I pay by credit card? Yes, you may now pay by credit card, Mastercard and Visa, over the telephone. You must provide us with the complete card information, your name as it appears on the card, and the billing address as it appears on your credit card bill. Foreign customers must provide a card with at least six months remaining before the expiration date. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT PAY PAL.

What is your return policy? We fully guarantee our parts, so if you are not satisfied, please return the part in saleable condition. You must ship it back to us, however, at your expense. We will either issue a refund or credit on the initial purchase price only, depending on your preference. PLEASE NOTE: For certain parts, such as batteries and electrical items, we will issue credit only; also, we do not refund any funds for costs incurred in association with parts, such as battery acid.

Do you supply vehicles or accessories for movie or video shoots? Yes, we rent out our vehicles and accessories for movies and videos.

Bike Questions:

I really want to make my CJ 750 look like a BMW R75. What do I need to do? The BMW R75 was a very popular later war motorcycle used by the Germans before it was cheaper to manufacture the Kuebelwagen. The Chang Jiang 750 that is popular with reenactors today is a copy made by the Chinese after the war, and with no change today, of the BMW R71. The two original German bikes are two different models. The rear end of the R75 differs from the R71, as does the engine. The R 71 was used, but only about 2000 were manufactured. A good source for the history of the BMW motorcycles is German Motorcycles in World War II published by Schiffer Military.

Can you recommend any books about the German bikes used during WWII? Look at, and they have about 5 books on the subject, and they ship worldwide.