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Parts and Accessories
Parts and Accessories

Do you have a Ural or Dnepr? In some cases our parts will fit, but usually only the early models of the Russian bikes. There may be variations of several millimeters, which will either require modification of the part you order or this means you need the Russian part. Mike will try his best to answer specific parts questions for these bikes. However, we are not as familiar with the Russian bikes as we are with the CJs or the original German bikes.

Please keep in mind: due to currency fluctuations, we cannot guarantee the prices quoted on the website and therefore when you place an order, we will confirm our prices.
After confirming your order with us:
We will accept money orders, bank or cashier's checks, and cash as payment.
We will accept personal checks, but will allow the funds to clear before shipping your purchased items. Please make all checks or money orders payable to "Blitzbikes".
Want to pay with or ? We now accept CREDIT CARD payments via telephone or fax.
We no longer accept PayPal.